Hitting 20 Followers!!!

Hitting 20 FollowersHello you guys! I started this blog never even thinking someone out of my family and friends circle would read it. Fortunately, wordpress offered me the opportunity to reach out to people from all over the world. My blog is now followed by 20 people! Never have I ever thought that even one… Continue reading Hitting 20 Followers!!!


Why is it our Fault?

Why is it our fault? Why should we pay the price of the mistakes the ones before us have made? Why is it our fault? Why should we get blamed for the mess we were already born into without a choice? Why is it our fault? Why should we suffer because they were reckless and… Continue reading Why is it our Fault?


Sweet, warm, pungent. You are safe. Your sweetness is one that does not overwhelm, it keeps you yearning for more. It engulfs you as you take it in. It intoxicates you, but awakens every cell in your body. Your warmth sends chills through my nerves, pushing my adrenaline to limits a human body cannot take.… Continue reading Vanilla